Perfect Pizza Oven Kit

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Pizza – one name, one thousand variations!
Forget those production line mediocrities that come through the front door in cardboard boxes.

Think of your favourite ingredients, mixed and matched just the way you like them. Great for kids to build their own creations – perfect for fussy eaters too.

Like to become an renowned pizza chef? The Gourmet Pizza Oven Kit is the great way to start. In no time you will be making crisp, delicious gourmet pizza at home - and saving $$$.

You’ll also receive all the items to get you cooking - including your very own pizza oven!
The Gourmet Explorer Pizza Maker oven has a stone cooking surface rather than the usual Teflon.

Its robust 'firestone' cooking bed delivers an intense heat for the perfect pizza.
Your Gourmet Explorer Pizza Making Experience includes:

  • Masterpro Ultimate Pizza Oven with Window including two stainless steel paddles to easily remove your cooked pizza - cooks in 5 minutes..
  • Great for delicious family meals in minutes, quick snack or healthy alternative to fast food. The Pizza Oven with the interchangeable stone base and deep dish pan is specially developed to make pizzas. The unique stone base delivers an intense heat which absorbs any moisture, ensuring your pizza has a crisp base right from the centre to the crust. Create thick crust pizza using included deep dish pan.
  • Fine Italian 'OO' flour for pasta, pizza and bread – one kilogram of dough base flour to make your own bases, or use pre-made ones
  • Leggos Pizza Sauce 400g
  • One box of instant yeast 35g
  • One pizza slice cutter
  • One bottle of Illuminati Riparosso Montepulciano d'Abruzzo red wine to enjoy with your pizza
  • Presented in a gift box lined with satin tissue and tied with ribbons.
  • Your own personal gift message printed on a lovely Gourmet Explorer gift card.
  • This hamper includes free delivery anywhere in Australia.